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Our Special Care Unit

A Special Care unit is devoted to residents who have diagnosis of dementia. The philosophy of the Nurses, and the Certified Nurse Assistant Staff is to preserve the skills and dignity of each person in their care. In addition, the Alzheimer director of Activities for the unit is responsible for programming activities corresponding to the abilities of each resident. Whether it is Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, a Dementia related to stroke, or any other Dementia, the calendar addresses the activities that are right for each individual.


To ensure the safety of our residents, we have made our special care unit secure. We have coded door alarms and a pass card release for the elevator, in order to protect residents from wandering off the unit without accompanying staff.



Our wonderful nursing and assistant nursing staff are educated through the “Train the Trainer” program of the Alzheimer’s Association. Their philosophy of care is to tap into what still exists of long term memory, as well as to preserve the ability and dignity of the residents. We offer group activities as well as activities that are more individualized.


We know that for those with Dementia, an activity plan is as important as any medication prescribed for a medically ill resident. For that reason, we often have more than one group activity taking place on the unit. They are facilitated by nursing assistants, as well as the Program Director. We have additional programming available within the mainstream activity calendar.

Adaptations to the program are made to recognize individual memory, as well as an individual’s likes and dislikes. A simulated “kitchen” and “back porch” elicit a calming response and bring back memories of those activities.


Our nursing staff, nursing assistants and our program director take time to comfort the residents, even when the family leave after a visit. It is a very supportive environment with a monthly support group for family and friends who experience frustration and sadness with the disease.


Our staff encourages you to arrange for a tour of our unit to gain an understanding of our individual interventions and approaches to the various dementia diagnoses.


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