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Alternative Therapy

St. Mary’s is extremely proud to offer alternative therapies to our residents. Because of grants and the contributions from families and friends of St. Mary, we are able to offer these certified therapies as an adjunct to our activity program.


Our residents delight in participating in the Pet Therapy, Music Therapy and Art Therapy. We are aware of the therapeutic benefits of these therapies which have been studied and well-documented. These include: lowering stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as improved appetite and sleep. We offer these therapies with the hope that they will have some of these benefits for our residents with dementia, those with pain, those who are rehabilitating from stroke or any of the other diagnoses that we are helping our residents to manage.


Our goal is to assist our residents to reach the highest level of their ability and we do this with our unique focus on holistic care. Individualized assessment determines which therapy or therapies will work best for each resident.




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